An exciting start to the new term! ๐Ÿฆ

The children had a fantastic first day back today after half term! Myself, Mrs Minto and Miss Campbell were very excited to see the children too. We missed them a lot! We are currently embarking on a busy but wonderful term with Christmas approaching…including our Nativity performance! We are very excited to get going.

When the children arrived at school this morning, the classroom had been transformed ready for our Bonfire Night and Diwali celebrations this week. The children were immediately very engaged in the activities set out!

Designing Henna patterns on the writing table.

Spelling simple CVC words on the phonics table.

Moulding fireworks on the play-dough table to develop those fine motor skills.

Rescuing 2D-shapes from the gooey, black slime in the water tray using the tweezers (developing our pincer grips).

Practising Bonfire Night routines and safety with our small-world Bonfire Night scene.

Firework-themed Transient Art on the creative table.

Our new values table where we will learn about differences between ourselves and others. We will learn that we need to respect others despite our differences.

Our new dolls house all set up for Diwali celebrations where we have been developing our communication and language skills.

We are currently learning to recognise and describe 2D shapes in Maths. As such, some children excitedly went on a 2D shape hunt around school this morning with Mrs Minto. They discovered lots of 2D-shaped objects around school and had a good go at describing these shapes using the correct mathematical vocabulary (sides and corners). Well done children!

Other children had a go at organising 2D-shaped objects in a variety of ways with myself. The children organised 2D shapes by number of sides, number of corners, whether the sides of the shapes were straight or curved and by shape name. We are going to be 2D-shape experts. ๐Ÿ’ช

In English, we began to create a non-fiction word book to give to the children of Weston-under-5’s pre-school when they come to visit us on Wednesday for our special Diwali celebrations. We are spelling words related to Bonfire Night and Diwali. The children are trying so hard with using their phonic knowledge to spell simple words and I am very proud of them. It is lovely to see the children feel proud of themselves too.

In Science, our new topic is Animals. Since we are learning about animals, we just had to get a class pet (or two…). Meet our new worms and snails!

The children have been fascinated by these minibeasts today. The children will be able to observe these minibeasts over the course of the next term. This will enable them to learn about how to care for them (including their dietary needs and environmental needs), notice changes in their appearances over time (we have some baby snails which will hopefully grow in size!), compare similarities and differences in the minibeasts habitats, appearances and needs and learn to respect living things (our new value for this term is respect).

In topic (Geography), we will be beginning to learn about where we live. We will be beginning to compare different environments, focusing on their similarities and differences. We will also be continuing with our Write Dance programme (thank you Jackie!) and Jigsaw learning (our PSED programme). In Design and a Technology, we will be cooking simple recipes! In RE, we will be learning about people who are special to us and wondering about what makes them special. We will be reading and discussing some Bible stories revolving around friendship. This term, we will also be beginning Dough Disco! This is a fine motor skills intervention whereby children stretch, pat, pinch, roll and squeeze play-dough to pop music! We are going to have a fantastic term. I hope that all of the children are excited!

Miss Stacey


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