Diwali Celebrations

To develop the children’s understanding of the world, and more specifically, the children’s understanding of other religions and festivals, we celebrated Diwali yesterday! We had a fantastic time and the children began to learn about why and how people celebrate Diwali.

We made and decorated some beautiful Diya (Diva) lamps to celebrate light over darkness and good over bad. The children worked so hard on these and they will take them home today.

We made our own edible sparklers using breadsticks, Nutella and sprinkles which the children enjoyed eating!

We continued to make our own firework pictures using loose parts (the children have really enjoyed doing this this week and have been so creative)!

We had fun dancing to Indian music and even learnt some Bhangra dance moves…and performed them in collective worship to the rest of the school! Well done children.

Finally, we tasted some new Indian food (vegetable samosas) which the children really enjoyed.

We had a fantastic time. The children are beginning to understand that people are all different in many ways, including in the religions which they follow, the festivals they celebrate and the food which they eat!

Miss Stacey


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