Children in Need Day

We had a wonderful day in Wrens on Friday!

First of all, we welcomed two visitors from a charity called Inspire who taught us all about why we need to be kind. They acted out the Bible story “The Good Stranger” to us and we discussed the morals of the story. We then completed a range of activities related to this story, including colouring in random acts of kindness cards and giving them out to members of staff and children of our choice; creating The Good Stranger sequencing wheels, playing a board game and acting out the story with action figures. We all had so much fun! Thank you Inspire 👍🏻

In the afternoon, since we were wearing our pyjamas, we just had to play some rounds of Sleeping Lions and Sleeping Bunnies (an action rhyme which encourages children to practise moving in different ways such as by jumping, hopping and skipping). The children had great fun being active.

Afterwards, it was Dough Disco time! In groups, the children received some play dough and had fun manipulating it in a range of ways to the music on the screen. The child whose play-dough was the warmest by the end of the song was the winner- they had exercised their fingers the hardest! Lots of children wanted to keep playing Dough Disco after the song had finished and requested multiple turns! We are going to have fantastic fine motor control in Wrens Class 👍🏻

Finally, after afternoon play time, we practised our Nativity songs (we are getting so good) before heading into the hall to enjoy sharing our bedtime stories in our houses. Lots of children received stickers during this time for being kind, gentle and for demonstrating good listening. Super work everyone 👍🏻

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend and will see you all on Monday. I hear that the Evil Pea is lurking around the school kitchen again…I hope it doesn’t make its way to our classroom for Monday! 😉

Miss Stacey


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