Christmas has arrived in Wrens!

With Christmas Art day on Tuesday and the Christmas Fair on Friday, the Wrens are starting to get into the Christmas spirit!

On Monday we made melting snowmen biscuits to sell at the Christmas Fair. We worked so hard and were very proud of ourselves. We had to measure the different ingredients, using our Maths skills, and used our fine motor skills to apply the icing. We hope you enjoy tucking into these on Friday!

On Tuesday morning, we made gingerbread decorations out of recycled materials (sandpaper). They look amazing! We were so creative. We have proudly displayed them in the corridor outside of our classroom.

On Tuesday afternoon, we excitedly worked together to decorate our classroom! We used our fine motor skills to make paper chains. Some of us challenged ourselves further by making repeated pattern chains, applying our mathematical learning. We displayed excellent team-work and communication skills. We are all very happy with our decorations and will enjoy taking care of them 😊⭐️

Miss Stacey


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