Christmas Highlights and looking towards the new term

I hope you all had a fantastic New Year and are enjoying the holidays! The Wrens all had a great year in 2018- they started school! They are all doing so well and have made so many happy memories already at school. Here are some of my favourite photographs from the Christmas period 😊

E told me that her naughty elf climbed onto her snowflake! I hope all of the naughty elves had a safe trip back to the North Pole…

C applied his phonic knowledge to independently write a beautiful Christmas card to his family.

Lots of the children developed a huge interest in forming cursive letters, choosing to practise their letter formation completely independently…I wasn’t complaining one bit!

We played lots of fun party games and ate yummy food!

Next term, our focus will be traditional tales. We will be exploring the following six books for the next six weeks: The Three Little Pigs (two books by two different authors); Little Red Riding Hood; Little Red Reading Hood; Goldilocks and The Three Bears and Goldilocks and The Three Dinosaurs 🦖🦖🦖 The children will learn to retell these stories through small world play and will be encouraged to write their own stories. The children will have a chance to record their own version of the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears/Dinosaurs, changing the main characters. We will begin to learn about the difference between fiction and non-fiction also.

Some changes have been made to the classroom to reflect our new topic…

The outdoor area has also been spruced up! A potion-making area has been developed as potion-making was a huge, prolonged interest of many of the children during their first term. Mixing the potions in the huge barrel will really develop the children’s gross motor skills and there will be lots of opportunities for learning about capacity with the different sized measuring jugs. A den-building area has been created as den-building develops a huge variety of skills: gross and fine motor (lifting the materials over the crates and pegging the materials onto the crates), problem-solving (which materials will be big/small enough and how can I join them? How can I build the den and how big can it be before it falls?), and team-work skills to name a few. The stage has been enhanced with a puppet theatre to encourage the children to retell our traditional tales and use story language. More mathematical and writing opportunities have been created in the mud kitchen; a large-scale transient art area has been created whereby the children can work together to create pictures made out of natural materials, and Maths and Literacy-focus tables have been developed.

Enjoy the rest of the holidays. I hope the children are all looking forward to coming back to school and are well-rested, ready for an exciting term!

Miss Stacey


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