A lovely first week back 😊

We have had a great, productive first week back in Wrens. There have been smiles all round and lots of fantastic learning has taken place.

The children have engaged really well with our new fairytale topic- reading fairytales in the fairytale reading corner; retelling the story The 3 Little Pigs and using fantastic story language in the process; drawing and labelling house designs in the ‘3 Little Pigs Construction Site’ role-play centre and doing lots of building using a variety of materials (working on those fine motor skills).

In Maths, the children were re-building the pig’s house of sticks. This required them to count large quantities of sticks accurately. The children enjoyed counting out the correct number of sticks using the methods taught to them (saying only one number for each item and moving each stick as they counted it). They then proved to me that they had counted the correct quantity by re-counting them, before having a go at explaining to me how they counted the right quantity (developing their ability to reason mathematically).

In Science, the children began to learn about the properties of different materials. We used our story The 3 Little Pigs as a hook. Going forwards, we will be testing a variety of materials to find the best material to build a house with, the best material to make a new waterproof coat for Red Riding hood with and the best material to build a boat to transport Goldilocks through a lake to safety with.

In English, the children wrote some absolutely fantastic messages and questions to ask The Big Bad Wolf. I will share images of these next week (I am extremely proud of the children for their writing efforts). The children were writing these messages and questions in anticipation of the wolf visiting us today…

😀 We had a fantastic visit from the wolf (there were rumours that I was really the wolf… 😉) who explained his side of the story to us. Apparently, blowing the houses down was all an accident- the wolf had a bad cold and kept sneezing too hard! The children sat beautifully, confidently asked great questions and developed their reading comprehension skills. Well done Wrens.

All in all- another fun week of learning. Have a good weekend.

Miss Stacey


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